Learning to come up with effective paragraphs is central to your essay. The paragraphs are the main building blocks of your essay and as the persuasive essay examples, you should make sure that each of your paragraphs contains ideas essential for your essay topic. For advanced essays, there can be as many paragraphs as the number of main ideas the writer deems essential for understanding the essay. However, for school level essays you are supposed to cover your essay topic in a limited amount of essay paragraphs. For example, the classical essay contains no more than three to five body paragraphs.

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Things that each paragraph should have

There are some essential things that each paragraph should have. This involves its content as well as the structure. The prewriting process that includes brainstorming, researching, and outlining, is essential for the paragraph developments. Without a well thought out essay outline your paragraphs will be the writing in each paragraph of the essay should have:

Each paragraph should have a single idea at its center. This idea is usually mentioned at the start of each paragraph in what is known as the topic sentence.


The paragraph should have the right flow of information. Ideas and information should follow a logical flow and guide the reader through the topics and subtopics that you are planning to discuss in the essay one by one.

Supporting information

Each of the ideas that are discussed in the paragraphs should have supporting information to back it up. The information supporting the ideas should be of high authority and should be followed by analysis and evaluation of the information.

Information connected to the main thesis
Each of the ideas or sub-idea discussed in the paragraphs should contribute to the reader’s understanding of the main thesis statement or arguments. Usually, at the end of the paragraph, the essay writer helps the reader connect the paragraph idea with the main thesis.

Essay development process

Each essay in the paragraphs should follow the same informational flow and structure. The writer cannot go from specific to general in one paragraph and general to specific in another.
State the controlling idea and present it as your topic sentence. This sentence should be one of the various premises that will lead you to a common conclusion. Make sure that you place the topic sentence at the start and explicitly present what the main idea of the paragraph is.

The topic sentence should be further explained to the reader by providing them with background information and putting the idea in context to the main topic. This is where you, as the essay writer, present your idea/s about the topic at hand.

Once the topic sentence is put down and the controlling idea fully explained, you should move onto providing your arguments, points, and ideas with supporting information in the form of examples and evidence. The information is to be derived from scholarly sources and not at all from popular sources. These scholarly sources are scrupulously peer-reviewed and are written by experts in their field. As you'll find in this analytical essay example, this sort of essay proposes a postulation that incorporates an explanation or end and afterward offers supporting proof as the investigation.

Instead of just presenting the reader with the evidence and examples, one after another, you should also explain to the reader why and how the supporting information works to back your ideas. You can reiterate the points of the examples later in the paragraph to guide the readers to the points we are trying to make.

After you are done with explaining the ideas and backing them up with supporting information, you should wind up the paragraph and lead it to a conclusion. In doing so you should work to transition to the next paragraph and its main idea.

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